The most effective excavating services in Canada. Our team conducts a highly efficient and quick excavation of your property. Whether it is residential or commercial, we are fully equipped to provide you with a hassle-free service in no time at all. Our services include commercial parking lots, home foundations, sanitary storm services, and repairs, waterproofing, and waterline repairs, as well as culverts and septic systems.

It is important for each of our services that a careful audit is completed to assess your residence before our team can get to work. It is best to ring our team ahead of time to get a quote and more information.

Excavating Projects

Neroda Construction provides excavating for commercial and residential areas. We have completed excavating projects like Excavating basements, Digging ponds, Installing water and sewer lines, Culvert Installation & Trenching. We take utmost care and make sure we do it right the first time. With advanced equipment and highly skilled professionals, we provide the best-in-class excavating services in the Windsor region.

Residential Excavating Contractor

No job is too small or too big for us. We have extensive experience in serving the Windsor project for countless excavating projects. We provide excavating services for custom home foundations, new additions, sewer, water mains, pools, driveways, trenching, demolition, site services, clean fill removal, contaminated soil removal, backyard pool, a pond in your private garden, a lush lawn, a new room or a new floor, construction of a new house or redoing the entire landscape, paving the way for a new underground installation or supporting reconstructions.

We work closely with our customers and keep them in a loop with timely updates regarding their excavating projects. We also take care of the surrounding areas and always work within city codes. With Neroda Constructions, the excavating projects will always be completed in time and with perfection.

Commercial Excavating Contractor

We also take pride in executing commercial-level projects like parking lots, digging up old oil tanks, and more. Commercial projects are the same as residential projects, but they demand more skills, more heavy types of equipment, and high quality of work. Neroda Constructions delivers best in the class commercial excavating services to businesses in Windsor.

Commercial Parking Lots

Large scale projects often take up a lot of time, and can often be quite costly. Our dedicated team of excavation professionals has tonnes of experience in working on commercial parking lots making them the perfect choice for you and your business.

Home Foundation

In the process of home construction, the most instrumental part of the process is establishing a strong and trusted foundation to support the build. It is massively important to have your home’s foundation assessed to avoid the accumulation of mould and mildew building up. We accommodate both installation and repairs for home foundations that are quick and affordable.

Sanitary & Storm Services and Repairs

There is very little that is more important than ensuring your home maintains its ability to protect you at all times. In order for this to be achieved, regular repairs must be completed on your property with sanitary storms representing a potential area of concern if ignored. Contact us today and discuss your options with our team, and let’s work together to find a solution for you.

Basement Waterproofing Windsor


We conduct a range of waterproofing services and can waterproof anything from basements, balconies, and roofs to bridge and parking lot decks. In areas of volatile weather conditions, it is simply far too risky to avoid investing in a secure waterproofing service for your property. By choosing us, you get a highly professional waterproofing service at a great price!

Waterline Repairs

Clean running water is something that should never be taken for granted. Drinking anything other than clean water can be extremely risky and often causes stomach and intestinal issues. If like most homes, you have water delivered through a single water line, discoloration will leave you in trouble. Contact our team today, and let us get it repaired for you ASAP!


Channeling water safely and efficiently is incredibly important, and if not done properly it can be a huge inconvenience. We can provide you with culverts and can also offer culvert repair services at short notice where requires. Contact our team today for a quote and for more specific information

Septic Systems

We provide cleaning, maintenance, installations, and repairs. Having a septic tank is widely regarded as the safest possible option for residential and commercial properties. Are you unsure as to what option is best for your residence? Why not give us a call and we can discuss the potential installation for you at an affordable price!