Whether it is a residential garden or a 100-acre piece of land, we are experts when it comes to efficient land clearing and property demolition in Canada. Operating in this specific industry for over a decade, we have seen it all, and have all the experience needed to be one of the most trusted land clearing companies around. Our team have completed clearing projects for the building of new highways, shopping malls, golf courses as well as residential neighbourhoods. We’ve seen it all! Why don’t we get your construction project off to the perfect start and get the land ready quickly and safely?

Our team will get started on the project right away by first of all completing a full thorough inspection of the area being primed for clearing or demolition. This part of the process is massively important, as failure to prepare carefully can often mean health and safety issues arise later on. We go the extra mile to make sure this doesn’t happen! It is incredibly vital that overall health and safety risk is reduced as much as possible before any operations are underway. By minimizing risk, we maximize performance and overall results.

Using specialized demolition machinery, we ensure there are no delays to your schedule and you will see the fruit of your investment with the sheer pace our team set with the clearing project. We will always prioritize the health and safety of our workers as well as the future residents of th4 land being cleared for construction. We are always operating in full adherence to both state regulations and Canadian law.

Land Clearing Services

Are you preparing a site for construction? Depending on the land, you might need heavy machinery, knowledgeable professionals, and experts. Whether you want to clear trees, a stump, or just debris, we carefully plan out your projects and complete the task in the given timeframes. We take utmost care and perform an outstanding job which makes your initial phases of work or project perfect.

Commercial Demolition Service

We demolish large-scale buildings with the utmost care and leave the area clean and ready for your next project. We make sure to complete all our commercial demolition services in time. Here are some examples of services we provide, but it is not limited to only this:

    Office Partitions
    Load Bearing walls
    Large Buildings
    Huge structures

Residential Demolition Service

Residential demolition often happens in tight spaces, and many things can go wrong. We at Neroda Construction make sure that we assess the demolition area and the nearby site to keep demolition safe for others. We take care of unique materials like asbestos, all by following all city’s laws and regulations. Some of our residential demolition services include homes, Swimming Pools, & Garages.

We also offer

  • Clearing and grubbing
  • Clear cutting
  • Tree stump removal
  • Horizontal grinding
  • Structural demolition
  • Complete site demolition
  • Selective demolition
  • General cleanup
  • Burning and grinding
  • Debris hauling and disposal

Is your project not on the list? We offer tonnes more! Contact our team today and let us come and have a look at the land, that way we can produce an accurate quote and overall projection for the details of the operation.

Each specific project we work on, whether it is a cleanup following the sale of a commercial piece of land, or a clearing project for a new build, we plan out every detail and have a particular strategy in place to reduce the overall time and costs for you. This method means you get the best value for your money, and your project doesn’t end up running past schedule. Site conditions and municipal regulations have a minimal negative effect on the overall project when there is a contingency plan put in place for all eventualities. We aim for ultimate customer satisfaction each and every time.

We conduct all of our land clearance and demolition projects with respect to the environment and use eco-friendly methods of disposal wherever possible. This means that by choosing us for your demolition job, you are playing your part in reducing overall damage to the environment and helping us reduce the carbon footprint emitted by the construction industry as a whole.