Are you in Windsor Ontario planning to lay a foundation for your new house?

The foundation is one of the most significant parts of the house because it bears the load of the entire structure. Which type of foundation do you plan to use for your house?

Generally, there are three key features that a good foundation should have. They include:

  • Ability to support the entire house structure
  • Must keep groundwater from penetrating the rest of the house
  • The foundation should provide a barrier against vapor from the soil and water

Below are three common home foundations as well as their pros and cons that we recommend you consider for your next building project.

Concrete Slab Foundation

A concrete slab foundation is very convenient because it requires minimum lot preparation to start the building process. This type of foundation is the most common since its installation is simple compared to other types of foundations.

The installation process of the slab includes pouring concrete footing 24 inches beneath the estimated finish grade. Once all the footers are poured, two or more layers of concrete blocks are laid over the footers. After this, the internal piping system is installed, followed by the addition of a rock filler. Finally, 4 inches of concrete are poured over the top.


  • A concrete slab foundation is more affordable than other types of foundations.
  • The slab requires very low maintenance once construction is done.


  • In case of storms and floods, the slab foundation will offer very low protection to your home.


Crawl Space

The crawl space foundation is suitable for houses elevated several inches from the ground. Similar to a slab foundation, the footing is poured followed by the addition of blocks to support the structure’s walls.

Although building a crawl space foundation will take more time, it will cost less, compared to building a full basement foundation.


  • Due to the conditioning of the crawl space, the floors of the house are usually warm.
  • The crawl space makes it easier to access utilities such as piping, ductwork, and wiring, unlike the slab foundation.


  • The crawl space is prone to moisture, which creates a breeding ground for fungi and mold.

Basement Foundation

A basement foundation is a hole that is 8 feet deep or more, which ends with a slab made from concrete. Just as the name suggests, a house with a basement foundation has a basement that anchors the property to the ground. The foundation lies below the frost line of the area, which maintains the foundation’s integrity and longevity.


  • The basement will provide you and your family with great protection from storms.
  • Basement foundations provide easy access to technicians for repairs compared to digging the slab and crawling in the crawl space.


  • Most basements have poor lighting and may cost you high energy bills.


Let us know which type of concrete you prefer for your house. Here at Neroda Construction, we offer excavation, basement waterproofing, and concrete services in Windsor Ontario. Give us a call today and request a FREE quote.

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